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Tzu - Step With The Pressure

[Chorus: x2]
Step with the pressure like...
They say something and we say it better
They do nothing and we stay fed up
Everyday pressure, gonna ease up never
Step to the rhythm or fall back forever

From my early days of having this rapping inside my Adam's apple
Crashing computers from all the data I done babbled
Travelling, I saddled up subject to catalogue
Push a bit to battle on, knowing what goes on
Pressured with the everyday wrestle and navigate
I focus and I hope for the best and try and get it straight
My map made from ice age provisions
And time-space continuums, tirades in rhythm
My highlight conditions of folk, hard living, who won't
Start sinking, they float and keep swimming, they know
They're on a mission from God like Blues Brothers
And man we're all brothers and damn we all suffer like
Goddamn sinners, we all stand together
We all face the pressure, all laced with melancholy
It ain't metaphoric, man it's really meteoric
And this rap is for him, her and everybody

[Chorus x2]

[Seed MC:]
From the first episode in the embryo
Every step upon the world got it's ebb and flow
Things figure, well some you never know
You can feel the tension like a cello doing tremolo
We forward and back, cause we caught in a trap
We all walk on and you know we never know when we gonna get back
Somebody open the latch and let me speak like "ahh, breath catch"
Well I read about the capitals pedestalling the valuable resource
But is actual fact it's just a chaperone
And I can see the neon flashing and creeping into the future
Just to deepen all the damage done
And every citizen riddled within ambivalence
Gazing into the distance at a Babylon
But every human in the place, any familiar face
We got a long track to travel on

[Chorus x2]

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