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U-God - A Mili Tant

Yo, I creep with The Pillage, sleep in the villages
Settle beef with the dillingers, bring heat to the cylenders
Born in the wilderness, hardship and bitterness
Now I'm on the hit 'em list, it's eager that you hate on this
Come back to finish this, for the fame & glory niggas
Shitting on my name, and they came with the territory
It's brutality, self explanatory
This is sagitory, the way I bounce on the needle
This is deadly combination, now here come the torpedo, nigga
It's more evil, underhanded, not losing my charm
The thunderlead, it let me loosen my arm
Understand it, it's a Bounty Killer song, I'm in this to win this
The mixtape circuit, I got to kiss it
I'm decent, the best kept secret, came back to beast it, see it?
U-God he quick, his left jab, heat smoke
He ran through millions, rap civilians, now heat throat
I'm in your belly, lady, here come now, deep throat
I touchdown and he throw, I shock 'em with a free throw
I'm in the third row, crazy, watching TurboHD
Widescreen Zenith, extremers in a Beemer
Honey cleaning my penis with the meanest demeanor
I'm on, Venus, smoking the meanest sativa
Viva, swing the cleaver, bleed on the receiver, smooth out the speaker
I'm my brother's keeper, it's cheaper to bring out the war
God, I'm hardcore, son, caked up sold scum
Cannot get it, then quit it, let me smoke something
It's the di-di-dope grump, step into my office
I'm kinda staying off this, don't make me have to choke something
Wait til the show start, I'm bumpy when I Bogart
Turtle load of hurdles, I'm off to a slow start
It's U-Godzilla, I'm trilla, I'm so hard
I'm coming from the Bogard, certified mean talk
I'm poppa with the choppa, cut ya head, nigga, clean off
Self relying a giant, Jack & the Beanstalk

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