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U-God - Blowfly

Yeah, South Side prayer, Yo, Yo, Yo
Elbow grease, I got the best polish
Two for one crack sale, Ya'll selling garbage
Shaolin bombers, Ya'll pay homage
Niggas rock concerts, Step on the grand stage
Hit you with the half gauge like I'm on a rampage
Nigga do your damn thing, Cape like the matador
Damage any challenger, Smack you in your jabber jaw
Beat a human cannon ball, Grew up on the bad block
Fresh off parole son, Got it on padlock
Chop you in your lamb chop, Hit you with the uzi
Nigga I'm innocent, Fingerprints is filthy
Got the ability to do this historical
Talk to the witch doctor, Spoke to the oracle
Tired of the gun fights, All I need is one mic
Build and destroy shit, Coming up for sunlight
Now I got you tongue tied, Gangsta intelligence
One-twenty lessons made me this elephant
General that's militant, Blessed with the guerilla grip
Just like a convict keep on killing shit
Coming with the I'll intent, Clocking my coke sale
Niggas stop complaining, Hanging off my coattail
Got that nice goat son if all else fails
Gotta walk a tight rope, Keep my hopes high
Look at him, Look at him, Looking like blowfly

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