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U-God - Came To Rock

I can make it hard, I can make it soft
I can turn it up for ya, I can turn it off
Face so cold, Behold the pale horse
I'm the power source, Of course the flood flies
Talk what I walk, I talk to tuff guys
I cut guys, Call me the Draper
Victorious, Can't find this story in the paper
I'm a money scraper, My sword is swift
Hit the dance hall hard cause ya all are still
And it's gonna take a miracle ripple effect
What I inject in the blood stream, One-twenty degrees
Gas prices soar it's the big money squeeze

[Sample x3: Doug E. Fresh]
You know, You know, I came to rock
When my legs start to shake, My hands start to bop

It's the dark side of the force, I'm close to Vader
Every line gets gloss, On both sides is haters
Bow-ties and gators, Watch the coke rise
Both eyes is lasers, Smoke live with the mayor
Approach the fader like Funk Master Flex
I wanna piece of the hump but she won't pass the sex
I'm like Shrek III, U-God's an Ogre
I burn solar, My name with a gold star
I'm well balanced got a chip on both shoulders
And I'm fed, Your head with a crow bar
And so far you ain't seen him in a while
You know my style, Your dog meat pal

[Sample x3: Doug E. Fresh]

This Defcom three, Shots in your left arm
Stepped on keys, Yeah I'm head strong
Step on fleas, Put your Teflon in threes
Next God degree is hard to skip
Make brothers flip, Make bid deals
Spin like wheels on the mother ship
And I smother shit, Later some Blu-Ray discs
The soufflé of the day New York's greatest hits
Latest flicks paid the fish, Heavy bikes
Loose women, Put the juice in em every night
Produce venom, Every bite strike close to chaos
Champaign toast, I'm almost famous

[Sample x3: Doug E. Fresh]

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