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U-God - Dilla & Zilla

Yo, Yo I'm forced to survive and connive
Walk the line, I'm tryna keep the Wu torch alive
My criminal mind, I live by the dime, Yo I stay deep fried
I remember the time I squeezed nines in fresh Levi's
I'm from where criminals hide and O.G.'s died
I'm out the beehive, Time to explore
I'm a natural, I'm on the jail house floor
What you in store for son is a roller coaster ride
Keep your eyes on the prize I'm supposed to multiply
Thoughts to socialize to the dumb deaf and blind
Master mine, Mastermind of the faster rhymes
Bet I climb the charts, Make a mess of your body parts
Dressed with finesse, Wait til the party starts
God body darts slam harder then Bambada drums
Spend dollars wait til the party comes
Globe trotter, Been hotter, Catch em at the Bada Bing
Spin choppers, Wind watcher, Yeah I gotta sing
Better got your ring size, Sea's Bing Monster
Sing Soster, Third string on the roster
Banging my pot and pans
Gotta give props to the old school, Gotta give em a glance
And I move real discreet by the seat of my pants
When the heat enhance you break into a cold sweat
I fear no threat, Got your name in the Rolodex
I throw my best, You hear from a block away
Left Coast, East Coast, Down there far rock away
Glide like Doctor J in Converse and afros
Been doing this since you was a tadpole
Slam dance you assholes with my soul dazzle
Back and forth, Move back and forth with both paddles
Out the gravel pit, Explicit bones battle
Microphone travel, I'm the wonderer, Rebel with a cause
Check the levels on the monitor, Pop the thermometer
In and out of dollar van, Your just a hologram
I'm a six million dollar man, Tired of dollar scams
I take this serious, Is it a blizzard no it's the fast and the furious
When I deliver this I'm closer to seven
Step like Travolta, Soldier holst'n your weapon
I'm supposed to be repping never mind the pep talk
I'll start where I left off, Gotta get my reck off
Wipe the sweat off, Then it's back to business
This man's a menace, Eating big cans of spinach

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