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U-God - Men2mice

Uh huh, Yo
I'm into calm breeze, Dom P's
My name's on the marquee
Two hundred and three MPH's on the car speed
Dark weed, I'm into shark meet
Adjust your car seat, Part three I'm dump'n Mobb Deep
I see palm trees, Gators on shark feet
Nigga you want heat I'm a heart beat away
The deadly DNA, The smoother stations
I'm a warrior, The Zulu Nation
I need floatation, Titties in rotation
For the next generation he's a classic
Here's a present for your Easter basket
Feats of magic, Glamour and glitz
No slammer, Just examine the strength
Fashion sense, Who's this mystery stranger
So glorious, Notorious history changer
Mystery chamber number eight, Survived it all
Speak in volumes, My head need a Tylenol
Tiger claw rip ya'll, Keep the beat going
In the back gold teeth, Yo the leaves blowing
Yeah I zone in with charisma, A soul on ice
Your just a prisoner, Another sizzler
Burn the device, Turn men to mice

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