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U-God - Nuthin'

Baby dog, I rip shows, put supper on the table
Hundred more, horsepower jumper cable
Let's touch tables, or champagne glasses
Let's toast to the business, rip those classics
I laid my rap down, take, big steps now
As good as it gets, I'm just getting dressed
I like my shit folded, air dried & pressed
Let's take it to the depths of the animal's conscience
Every line that I quote, is killing this nonsense
At the hip hop conference, balling hard
And the Wu guillotine is my calling card
I invite all of ya'll, to pick a rhyme
Go 'head, dodge the bullets, in the nick of time
And I kick the rhymes, that move through the air
Get your feet moving like it's Union Square
While you standing there, fronting like you jamming me up
Pockets low and your plans is stuffed
Think you man enough, just to stand on your own two
Kiss ass follower, something that I won't do
I'm on point, two drive by shooters
Run with the starters, rioters and looters
Meditate to Buddhist Priest, all you snitch ass
Bitch niggas, done ruined the streets
Keep doing this with each, the roof is rocking
I don't give a fuck, cause the neighbors is knocking

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