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U-God - Stuggle Ain't Got No Color

[Intro: U-God w/ Hook]
Color ain't got no struggle... color..

[Hook x2: U-God]
Move, grind, move, grind
Move, grind, move, grind

Yo, yo, it's hard to smile, cuz life's so for real
It's funny what people do just to get a mill
Some kill, rob, steal, sell crushed pills
Multimillion dollar deals, generatin' hills
But I got skills, there no need for violence
How that nigga stay hungry with degrees in science
Yeah, he needs a challenge, you'se an A-Class Pilot
The boy so vibrant, he walk like a tyrant
His mind's in the garbage, his spine is heartless
He's a one mind pirate, who gets his regardless
With felony charges, greedy coke-nosed clients
His nose is numb and he didn't read the fineprint
Accounts on minus, with a block of stress
And he can't close his eyelids cuz it don't care less
Yeah, they died on they blinders, he got mouths to feed
So he grieves over liquor, that his spouse might leave
And it leads him sicker, his house ain't been cleaned in a week
He can't sleep cuz his problem's gettin' deep, cuz

[Chorus: U-God ( w/ Hook )]
Struggle ain't got no color, kid
Color ain't got no color
Now, color ain't got no struggle, kid
Struggle ain't got no color
Now growin' up, it's a wild jungle, kid
Color ain't got no struggle
Same block, same clubs, same money, same drugs
Struggle ain't got no color

I can't sleep around heat, roaches and dust mites
In the winter time it's cold enough, nigga, to bust pipes
I'm like, Jesus Christ, yo, my socks is black
I'm hoodied up in the halls with the stocking cap
Rockin' forth and back, draggin' a huge cannon
Duckin' the law, I'm the last man standing
Strong armin' the store, when the line is drawn
With a fifty pound vest on, that strike your dawn
It's like, I'm a pawn, takin' orders from the side
From the root to the fruit, I'm a Freedom Fighter
Police in hot pursuit, move beneath the fire
Peel out in tires, when I burn these streets
These knockaround guys, never turn they cheeks
We're all I see, my contract's is wack
Baby mamma huntin' for cash, get off my back
Take out the trash, put some food on the shelf
I don't trust women, son, I can't trust myself
Fuck them hoes, cuz, I'm just movin' for delf

[Bridge x2: U-God]
Things never change, we all the same
We bleed the same blood (blood)
Yeah, I've seen joy, love, hate and pain
I never gave up (up)


Yo, I come from the gutter, bad blood and slum
Where niggaz scarred for life, and they die for crumb
Where young worship the gun, smoke blunts for fun
It's the same old song, one minute it's calm
Then shots ring out like it's Vietnam
And you see it's wrong, when you're forced to retire
My single's almost gone, caught in the crossfire
That's why I'm high wired, Lord, forgive me
I broke down and cried, when he lost his kidney
With his baby sitter Shi-Shi, two years old
He laid on the floor, bullet holes in his clothes
I was miles away, yeah, away on tour
When I received the call, in the phone, I hang up
I was mad at the world, and grabbed the banger
Wrecked the hotel, released the anger
You supposed to keep my child away from danger
First we were friends, now we strangers
He lost a lot of blood, but didn't show no fear
In I.C.U., in intensive care
And I praise the Lord, that my son is still here, but


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