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U-God - Winner's Circle

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Yo, dark days, sharp pain, dark ways, I'm praying
For better days, and, got to find a way, that's what winners do
In my circle, lyrical content
It's going to take a miracle, not lyrical conflict
Convict niggas, I keep 'em arms length
Nonsense, over scraps in the table
I practice my rap, booty traps, yo, they all fatal
Grays in my black hairs, in my past
Years is beautiful, wanna live my life more musical
More suitable for listeners, I got blisters
Through the great rhyme chatters whispers
He done this, he done that
All I do is soul clap, whole rap in highest regards
Fuck ya lies and ya bribes and ya firing squad
My life's so bizarre, I work up a sweat
I jerked a tech, watch me, flirt with death
I turn regret, into, motivation
Pennies in my cup, now drop, your dough nation
My balls are aching, truthfully unafraid
Some things change with age, write a whole new page
It's a new wave of the candy rap
Brother I'm your brother, but my color's a handicap

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