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U.N.L.V. - Hood Mac

[Verse One: Lil' Ya]

Twenty seven twelve that's where I dwell
But you had to have heart to be down
From the start cuz a nigga didn't play
That hoe shit if you got jacked you had to
Strap and that's a rap bitch
Cuz gee's are gee's and youngsters are hustlers
You come up in the third bein' a buster
Cuz if the capital YA found out about you nigga
I have to take yours to make mine bigger
And you can go get yo boys and they better come correct
Cuz I got K's and I'm a put yo ass in check
You like a pussy cat comin' up in the wood
Try'na survive in my motherfuckin' hood

[Chorus: Bridge/Lil' Ya & Yella Boy]

[Lil' Ya]
It's the mac from the motherfuckin' hood y'all
It's the mac from the motherfuckin' hood

[Yella Boy]
I'm sick and tired I'm sick and tired
Of these bitches playin' with me
I'm from the three you better respect UNLV

[Verse Two: Yella Boy]

Daddy used to laugh till I bought the park fast
Started off with opportunities I achieved real fast
At the park ain't no joke I started movin' quarters
Like a baller people watchin' it's my dog
So he ain't callin' I'm bout puffin' as I
Choke to the chronic smoke
You see me comin' you hear the music
Joggers walkin' by I'm still drivin' twenty-four seven
Around the fuckin' block my nigga
Lil' Ya spittin' game at you dog hoes
Fuck what you wearin' don't trip of them dog hoes
Them boys at Mac he down with them so it's all good
I'm with Tec-9 we be with mac's up to no good

[Chorus: x2]

[Verse Three: Lil' Ya]

It's the mac and I'm back on solo tip
I never fell in love and I never got pussy broke
Pimpin' up on bitches on my block
From my hood and kept up the keys
You know I'm doin' good started workin' with
Twenty's now I flipped it to a half
Now I'm a quarter bird you bitches can't laugh
So give me credit and stop try'na playa hate
Gettin' jealous never talk about me in my face
Talkin' behind my back I'm a fuck you
Bitches up real good cuz I'm a fool from the three
The mac fat from the motherfuckin' hood

[Chorus: x2]

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