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Ud3 - Hear What I Bleed

feat. Royce da 5'9"

[Verse 1:]
My hearts a mic that pumps my life
And streams these sheets to complete these beats
From vague dreams to crowd scream to scenes from deep sleep
I breathe frequencies that you hear frequently
It seems I bleed what you can read the truth could free everything we used to be
What we used to see these words spit usefully
But that's what it used to be
It's sad to see that it's only history
Hopefully that's not the eulogy
It's time greet a new breed of heat
Who proofread the sheet not use green and read
But I'm never gonna stop til I'm dead nah
And you thought I wouldn't drop but it's here ha
If you reachin for my pocket homie back off
I've been leepin off my rocker since my birth
I grabbed the mic with the precision to break through
My amunitions got the ignition to make you
Fuck a filla I'm a renegade to write
If hip-hops blind then my words are sight

It ain't enough if you feel what I see
Cop a deal from my speak straight bills through my teeth
Can you feel what I breathe are you fearin my sheets
Don't pretend just hear what I bleed
Just hear what I bleed hear-hear what I bleed
Just hear just hear what I bleed

[Verse 2: Royce da 5'9"]
My flows my soul it's heard from coast to coast
The crews the code as true the coast n north
Games on lock my heart and my ears the key
So see what I say and from here on hear what I bleed
Please believe I'm lethal my intuition should be paid to me in tuition I'll teach you
Weak people that want to see me through
Just done and over with I took the gun and loaded it
N pulled the top back like a convertable
Then let it snap back like a fuckin turtle do
I will murder you deader than a door knob
Body in the bath tub head on the floor by it
Alot of niggas from detroit seem ashamed of it
I'll murder cap a nigga ass in the name of it
N what I'm brining to the scene all the fiends lovin
Rock city motherfucker I'm the king of it


"Hear What I Bleed"

[Verse 3:]
My veins are the staves containing these notes
That I'm bleeding streaming the path of a sequence
With reason even the past shows music in england
Screams from the people who's singing
Gather around while I'm speakin
Feelin the splash of the tones that I'm leakin
Drippin my thoughts to notes that your hearin
Seein the gash that I've grown thru ya speakers

[Chorus x2]

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