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Udo - We're History

ou look to me for some outstanding meaning
You got the devil in your eyes and nothing in your soul
If you think I'm gonna sell myself,then you must be dreaming
There's noway, I'm gonna fall into your hole

You never seem to help me when I'm bleeding
You gotta knife for a tongue
And you're tearing at my heart
I thought you were a friend
But in truth you never liked me
You lied and cheated us from the start

You're wrong, love doesn't last forever
You're nothing new there is no mystery
Now you're gone you thought you were so clever
You and me are now history, we're history.....


I don't like you face, I don't like your eyes
I don't like your lips, I hate your lies
This time the last time, it's goodbye time

You're wrong, love doesn't last forever.....

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