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Unity Klan - I'm God

I'M GOD, I'm soveriegn
I'M GOD, you best believe
I'M GOD, vengance is mine

I'M GOD, I cannot die
I'M GOD, I cannot die

[Big J]
Im a BIG GOD and I do BIG thangs
Im the King of all kings, Jesus above all names
Let my name reign, I raise the sunshine
so you can rest, I give you nighttime
Hosanna in the highest to be saved
Im the only one in 3 days to get up from the grave
I am, every time you think
but I am a jealous God, but I still let you speak
I am the LORD of Host, I gave you the Holy Ghost
So you dont have to stress I wanna keep you blessed
If there's no heart felt and there's no hands raised
since Genesis 1 I predestined you son
To have a free will so you could worship real
I am the great Elshadi
Love me and dont worry when you die


Im the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end
I created all things and you can still call me friend
I took the dust of the earth and formed and molded mankind
I give strength to the weak and give sight back to the blind
the earth is mine and the fullness that you see
Im the only one that can set your living soul free
eternity I hold in the palm of my hand
from your veins to joins your muscles and your glands
that I AM who can stand before the might one
before your blueprints were sketched in heaven is was done
so wont you come to the chancerllor the counserlor
any questions that you have I know I'll answer ya
I'll stand for ya and fill you with my presents deep inside
I gave Moses the power to make the Red Sea divide
and to Pharaoh I turned a snake from a rod
So hands down and bow down and say I Am God


[Big J (Jaz)]
Let's finish off with the light of Isreal
(Matthew 1:23 my names' Emmanuel)
The star out of Jacob and the Chief, the Messiah
{The true inspirator, yah the real Bible writter)
I created the heavens just a climpse of my power
(the breath of life, the king, the high power)
the strength to the poor, God's unspeakable gift
(The Lilly of the valley the name you should uplift)
I am eternal life, upholder of all things
(Im the banner of the nations the only King of all kings)
Im the lawgiver, call me the Most High
(The only one who that sent his son for you to die)
Im the God of all grace
I put the shine on Moses' face
(I sit my throne apon Zion, and let the angles take their place)
And to saved face Im your healer if you only have faith
(I will fill your statisfaction so wont you come and have a taste)


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