Unknown Prophets I Can't Make You , I Can't Make You Unknown Prophets

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Unknown Prophets - I Can't Make You

I cant make you love me if you dont
You cant make your heart feel something it wont
Here in the dark, in these final hours
I would lay down my heart and Ill feel the power
But you wont, no you wont

[Big Jess]
Its a never-ending saga
Sometimes I feel like Why bother?
Trying to survive and keep my head above water
Oh heavenly father, I need some direction
These cats around town carry gats for protection
Whats a motherfucker to do?
Cause every time I turn around somebody new try to buck at my crew
I just want to escape this madness Im faced with
And just take a peek at the next life, Im about to be replaced with
Turn down the light so I can dim this life
The dark side shining too bright but hard time through strife
Its a constant struggle to just keep on living
Committed so many sins I dont deserve to be forgiven
In my lifetime, Ive seen the worse
Im trying to quench my soul but Im dying of thirst
Im trying to reach my goals but it aint that easy
Im reaching out to the lord and asking him to teach me and lead me
Into the right direction, towards changing correction
Away from mental infection and away from deception
And make that spiritual connection, get my shit together
Use my faith to shelter me from this stormy weather

And I can't make you love me any more or any less
And I can't make you relate to the problems I manifest
I can't make you understand the reasons for my stress
All I can do is promise that I'll try to do my best

Cause I can't make you love me

[Big Jess]
I want to be more than you average Joe
An emcee with an above average flow
I want to see some major cabbage yo
If I had the dough, maybe life wouldn't be so savage yo
I'm feenin' in taking my ladys' hand in marriage yo
I want to live life like not so much a tragedy
But just have the opportunity to live lavishly
I want to flow at a show, filled to capacity
And not have these stereotypical fuckers laugh-at-me
I want the chance to be able to live happily
And gradually become closer to both sides of our family
Yo I dont want to be just another casualty
And see my people a victim of a tragic fatality
I want you to see the best there is to see in me
And even when you dont trust in the world, you still believe in me
I want the world to see how these women murdered me
Brought the hurt to me and scarred me with this insecurity
I want my girl to see that she means the world to me
She came to me and said you are my state of emergency
Yo shes like the doctor, perform surgery
Filled my heart with love, passion, honesty & purity
She showed me what a real woman suppose to be
Dont you ever go away cause Ill die if you werent close to me
Shes more precious than the money or the cabbage
And she loves me for me...and you know what?
Thats really all that matter

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