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Unknown Prophets - The Wrong Route

feat. DJ Abilities

This is a story about Tommy and Elaine

Just another case about the wrong path
It's gonna get ya

Tommy was a nobody
Throughout his childhood years
Scrubby clothes, parents ?, no friends amongst his peers
Junior high arrived so depressed inside
Late one evening he even tried to take his own life
Yo his mom found a knife
With his wrists sliced
Laying on the floor of his room, no lights
Doctors put him on some meds for his depression
But mom prayed nightly asking' god to bless him
Now a freshmen up in highscool no longer the fool
Place to forget the past and start new
He quickly made friends with this cat named Juan
And Tommy skipping class, stealing cigs from his mom
A couple years pass now he's a junior
11th grade searching for quicker ways to get paid
He soon got connected with this cat down in ?
Now he's got his girl signing for packages in the mail
Went from ripped jeans to mad cream
Traded all his nightmares for the pleasant dreams
No longer the kid with no friends trying to blend
That chapter in his life soon came to an end
Now a rollie covers his scars sitting' on his wrist
Rocking' the illest gear cellie sitting' on his hip
Fly whips, fly chicks, collecting mad chips
Jealous cats waiting for his time to slip
One night Tommy's driving home from this party
High off the weed yo drunk from bacardi
Barely made it home his mom helped him in the house
Walked up in the living room passed out on the couch
Suddenly these cats kicked in his door
Ran up in the house threw his mom to the floor
Put the pistol to her head this is what he said
"Your money and your weed or the bitch is fucking dead!"
Tommy tried to tell em "Yo its at another spot"
Two seconds later all you heard was a shot
They pistol whipped Tommy snatched him for his jewels
Ran out the house off in his ride they cruised
Tommy struggled to make it to his mom's side
She lay in a pool of blood with no life
He finally thought he was a man and had it made
But was it really worth the price that Tommy paid

Take a look around
Get the big picture
People steady scheming on ways to get richer
Trying to live a lifestyle that doesn't even fit ya
Watch out kid cause in the end its gonna get ya

Elaine was a high school girl she had it made
Never late to school with above average grades
Her own condo on the outskirts of Blaine
Car, cell phone all in her parents name
Bills paid for by mom and pops
Who had a nice little tight relationship with the cops
Living above the law and on top of the world
Moms honor roll daughter and daddy's little girl
But all of a sudden her life took a strange swing
Elaine wasn't interested in the same things
She felt she was living too plain
And that she didn't fit in so she started running with a gang
Selling cocaine she really didn't need the extra money
She did it for the respect and the fame
Now lets not forget this is the girl from Blaine
And if her parents ever found out no doubt they'd go insane
Soon she slowly lost her grip
Elaine started skipping classes and her grades started to slip
And one night she came home with a busted lip
She insisted it was nothing but both her parents flipped
She said she got hit by a basketball in gym class
But the truth was that her boyfriend had whooped her ass
The next afternoon they got a letter in the mail from the school
It said that she was breaking some rules
There was unexcused absences, good grades dropped
And that there was a couple incidents with the cops
They couldn't believe what they just heard
That schools got some nerve
Claiming that there Elaine was in trouble that's absurd
So right away they called their friends on the force to investigate
But by that time it was already to late
For what they saw on the TV would stop their blood in their veins
Local girl found dead overdose on cocaine
Her parents never knew such pain
And from that moment on their lives would never be the same
Her mom took it the hardest like she was to blame
And a month later she put a bullet in her brain
Its a shame cause two lives were lost in this mess
Elaine got more than she bargained for I guess
Yo there once was a girl named Elaine who had it all
She was high for a second but took a fatal fall

[Scratching by DJ Abilities: "Figured out I went the wrong route.."]

Take a look around
Get the big picture
People steady scheming on ways to get richer
Trying to live a lifestyle that doesn't even fit ya
Watch out kid cause in the end its gonna get ya

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