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Unseen Terror - Death Sentence Of The Innocent

An ordinary day on a unsuspecting street,
just another normal routine time of the week.
People commuting from building to building,
no one suspects the bomb that is hiding.

Death sentence to innocents.

Without warning it happens so quick,
falling like flies in a bloodpath of pain,
no explanation why terrorist have struck,
undessripherable perversions of the insane.

Death sentence of the innocent.

What motivates a man to do this ?,
evil dwells in many minds.
it'll always be a mystery - mans unpredictability.

It'll happen again,
no one knows when,
more innocents will die,
with no explanation.

Corruption of the human race,
don't fall into the trap,
it'll always be a mysery - mans unpredictability.

Anguish is caused
in moments like these
killing each other
seemd senseless to me.

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