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Unwritten Law - Harmonic

Well, I'll see you around
Don't want to stay and drown
The drama got too thick
Makes me sick
And I don't wanta talk about it
I already thought about it
Stripped down of my pride
I shed the tears then dried these eyes
It was fun at the start
But maybe we're world's apart
Facing differnet ways
Different plains
And I don't wanta drag it out and
I just got to get on out and
Leave it all behind
It's time so don't deny it
I wanta know...does it show on my face
I'm sick of this place
I wanta move on, cause the feeling is gone
I wanta see...is it me out the door
I told you before
I wanta have fun, and it's just begun
I've seen the light
Tried to talk about it

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