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Up Dharma Down - Turn it well

Downtown I found myself calling in my very own white-washed breathing space
Diallin’ the telephone night time morning sun out of place in our home
Sooner or later maybe we can suit up people on a table, flipping on the
Pages, just a little bit ahead of us, cover all my windows
Do you need you take my youth to get the know how to turn it well
Fourthÿ days, fortnights all we have every little often so, take my
Hand to help you learn to turn it well, baby, maybe we could really turn it

Take them frames off, turn your head, say it when my left ear needs it, no
Girl canÿ resist it, don’t you hesitate, Sea Eyes baby you can turn
It well
Do you need to change my youth to get the know how to turn it well
Maybe we can suit up and leave the photos home And I’ll walk you through
The woods, crossing fingers

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