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Urge Overkill - Blow Chopper

Said oh yeah!
now I'm not the kind to give no warning
I've just been coming round all night
I'm not the kind to leave in the morning
I'm just trying to feed my shaking mind

Blow Chopper Only one hopper ride
Blow chopper only one copper yeah
Blow Chopper only one hopper red red rain
blow chopper only one copper it's a ride

If you look hard into my eyes
Baby then you'll see I've lost my mind
Yeah you know I'm gonna burn on through the night
make me feel alright, wanna go all night, make me feel
all right

Another errand and I know that I'm done, I need a
dragon of beer
Not alive but I'm not dead yet, in a cold cold sweat
Babe if I'm not dead tomorrow morning
this girl is gonna treat me right

She's on the street, she's in the house
build that chopper and go
Oh yeah! I'm gonna get so high
She's on the street she's in the house
Build that chopper and go
Oh yeah! I'm gonna get so high

If someone tried to get in my way
I would just look down and walk away
Baby I'm just running out of time

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