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Urge Overkill - Need Some Air

left the right to be righted
gotta right to be wrong
just like the song I sang
there's right goin on

what's that to do with me
it sure ain't on TV
guess the revolution missed me

need some air
don'tcha pass out
in a crowd
need some air
don't wanna hang out
will you cry
I'm choking on the silence and I wanna scream out
scream out loud
need some air

goes to New York City and I musta been gone
stuck in a rerun house, watchin Japanese porn
said I needed some air
got up outta my chair
as I woke up it hit me

wont ya turn me on
now all my teeth are gone
people closin' in like a riot
so give my world a spin come on and try it

Belleview open from a nightmare
somebody up there really likes me
stitches in my head
the revolution is dead
dead, ya said

need some air
I passed out

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