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Urge Overkill - Ticket To LA

Ticket to LA
I'd never been to LA in my life
c'mon get me there
Goin' down to blow down, said I'm gonna go today
On a greyhound bus yeah, on the westbound highway
Gonna buy my ticket ride a twenty dollar bill
That's a quarantined motel
I'm tired of losing
said I'm gonna climb away, and take it to LA

Better get out easy
I'm tired of pleasing you
Getting tied-up sleazy,
I've gotta blow Chicago too
I'm gonna ride half-way to vegas on a diamond ring
gonna show you who I am
Got a bag of redman, got a bottle of beaujolais
hey a bottle of beaujolais
Ride It

Getting tired of wasting all my days
You don't know me babe!
You got a place to stay?
Cmon on Nate

Take it I don't know you
Hey! You got a place to stay?

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