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Uriah Heep - I Wanna Be Free

As I wake up everyday with no new songs to play
feeling like I aught to pack my bag and run.
My imagination flies to some other sunny skies
where I felt so good and everything was done.
And my time was my own.
And my heart felt so free.
Come On!

I don't mind a little rain, but it doesn't seem the same
when the clouds shut out your beauty from my eyes.
There's a storm inside my head and I know it doesn't leave
till I clear a day when nobody will cry.
I can't stand here alone
and I need to be free.

So bring fire and bring steel, for you know the way I feel.
Bring a silver horse to carry me away.
I'm no stranger, I'm a friend and my pain will never end
till the world will let us live out lives as one.
And our time is our own.

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