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Uriah Heep - Midnight

I just lay down wonderin'
What to lay down
Lately I can do it
Every day undisturbed
I think I know what
But I can't find out how
The morning didn't show me
What it was worth

Miles and miles of smiles
Getting me nowhere
Opportunities I just can see
Can't lead me to the slaughter
'Cause I'll already be there
I've been up that street
And I know what's waiting for me
Just waiting

Midnight, moonlight
Day into day
No escape I must stay
Midnight, show me the way
Show me the way
Give me something to play
Something to play
To help me make the new day

Take me out of the darkness
Into the light
I've no friends to stand by me
Here in the night
It's an affair of
A sad and weary heart
Take me out of the darkness

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