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Uriah Heep - My Joanna Needs Tuning

(3:02)(Bolder/Box/Dechert/Slade/Sloman)(B-side of 'Think It Over' single. Also on 'Rarities From The Bronze Age' (1991). Included as a bonus track on remastered cd)
I was waiting for somebody
This afternoon
Hope that she remembered
Our rendezvouz
And when she didn't show
Just like yesterday
I do the last, I'll find another way

One night I saw the stranger
Across the hall
I knew he was the reason
Why she didn't call
I wish I had imagined
Or dreamt the lot
But the heart didn't choose
The pain I've got

Now she' turning me inside out
Upside down
And me heart is all a roundabout
Spinnin' round

She's turnin' me inside out
Inside out
She's turnin' me inside out
Inside out

Now he's got all so melt
With a diamond ring
And she was thinking through
Almost anything
She's like a shadow going up
Seventh avenue
But so what, she's only going
Where she's didn't to

I just got one thing to say

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