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Uriah Heep - Skools Burnin'

Skools burning, it's burning down
Burning down, burning down

Stand up, sit down
Don't turn around
Don't talk and don't smoke
Don't laugh, no joke
Too many rules, too many fools
Gonna raise it to the ground
We're gonna get high
Light up the sky
Gonna burn it down

Yes sir, no sir, 3 bags full
Speak up or shut up
Backs to the wall
Stand in line, take it outside
See the soldiers march in time
Rollin' out of bed, fallin' on my head
I think I'll pull the pin

Shape up, or ship out
Your hair's too long
Yes sir, no sir, the same old song
Stay after time and
Learn all your lines
Or write 'em out a thousand times
I heard what you said
Bells in my head
I think I'll pull the pin

There's gonna be a party tonight
People gonna come from miles
There's gonna be a fire here tonight
Gonna dance with the devil
Till the dawn
Dance with the devil till the dawn

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