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Young Gunz - No Better Love

feat. Rell

[Intro: Young Chris]
For the ladies, ok girl
I wanna be your mother, ya father, brother, your sister your
everything, you know?
Uh, goin straight to the top baby, chea

[Verse 1: Young Chris]
I think I might wife her
You know, powder blue Roc-A-Wear suit, white Nike
My niggaz like her
She been with me through the grind
Girl you put in that time like been lifer's
You got tight used to hooky and chill
Twat tight plus she cook up a meal
Had the hook up for real
More headaches and stress cause a child involved
It's all good cause our sex be my tylenol
Best baby doll of all
Shit the rest of you childish broads
Give me the sex then I'm tired of y'all
So find a next to provide for y'all
I got my baby girl, plus she about to drop, my baby girl
Forget about all the rumors you hear girl
A newer life soon to be here girl
And can't nothin' fuck up that
Got to fuck with that
Can't find a better love than that, my baby girl

[Chorus: Rell]
Don't stop givin' me your lovin'
Cause my heart's been racin' for your lovin'
And I won't give it up for nothin'
Cause there's no better love
Girl you got me goin' crazy
You got me thinkin' bout you baby
Could you be my one and only lady
Cause there's no better love

[Verse 2: Neef]
Comin' up I thought Cupid was stupid
Only two love's my family and music
Fallin' through somethin' just couldn't do it
It was the beginning of time, and you was like nine
But God damn you was fine
Used to stay on my mind, when I was out on my grind
Opened up the bags when I'm choppin' my dimes
There in the spinel stood by me for the rentals
Popped up mad shit with me and got me rentals
Sick with the plastic, what can I say
Bitches hate around the way, I had a lady
Gossip and watchin' him, runnin' back
Moved up North, kinda fell off track
Still my peoples though, love when I see you though
Once a while might call just to chill might ball
Forever my dog, even when I downfall
First in line whenever chick is involved, but


[Verse 3: Neef + (Young Chris)]
We the youngest in charge, so leave them other scrugs
We give you better love the same time is tough
(Baby I feel the same as Neef do)
(Spit the game as he do)
(If you could take two, ain't no need to bring your people)
Lingerie see-through
(She got it goin' on)
Oh that's +Can't stop, Won't stop+
(We got 'em goin' home)
We got 'em all alone
(Just us nobody's wrong)
I'm a hit it you can hit it
I pull out on them all

[Verse 4: Rell]
Ever since the day I saw your face
My mind told me you were the one that was down for me
And baby when I get laced, I'm gonna do what you want I'll be there (truly)
So don't you let her think, turn you away from the love that you need (my dear)
I don't wanna play, around wit you cause I know I found lovin' (lovin')

[Chorus x2]

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