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Astronomy Class - Rolling Thunder

[Verse 1:]
They'll need assistance when my piece de resistance hits em
Sounds for unleashing the beast on a wicked system
Sick of mister mister - got it twisted like sister
Long boozy lunches - we choose rambunctious
I puncture your perception like a rib through the lungs
Get your senses on alert - I come to ring the alarm
Keep it calm and collected - present my perspective
Some aspects of this game are so fucking defective
Now I've been taking the bus - papparazzi making a fuss
Or am I simply making that up? Straight to make-up
Breaker, breaker, these cunts still need to wake up
Regurgitator said it best - some cats are fakers
Slave to majors - a brand name has never saved us
Same ones who pay your government to bring down wages
Shit's outrageous - I rip on stages
Just to sow the seed of dissent - you're in our element

[Chorus: x2]
We come down like thunder clouds - you need to run check
And our crowd's that one found to broach the subject
A storm front - it's been brewing for months
Truth is the hallmark - hit the stage no warmup

[Verse 2:]
I won't talk about a revolution
While there's teachers in the public school system don't believe in evolution
The air pollution got to them - dared to use a document
That excused the conquest of every single continent
I'll spit 'til I'm incontinent - they're taking the piss
Keep my middle finger straight as I'm shaking my fist
And making you twist - astro-funk guerrillas in the mist
For all of you who felt Bush Killa - same gist
The shame is that "Who's gonna save us? " still fits
And I hate to have to say it but your saviours kill kids
Dollar dollar bill shit - holla if you feel ripped off
That you are locked in from the cradle to the coffin
A man can't survive on bread alone but put a beat to it
And all of a sudden the whole fam can eat from it
Freedom music for the fighter - poets and fire-lighters
Astronomer's sight - is like telescopic devices

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Divide and conquer is their technique - man vs woman
Progress vs nature - Christian vs Muslim
I'm a hoodlum vs the ruling classes - I'm a bastard
In the face of disaster - disowned by forefathers
In an orphanage called earth - dig deep it's all dirt
All came from it and all bleed when we hurt
So if you need to fly a flag in front of your place
Just keep that motherfucking union jack out of my face
Speak out of place - fly a pirate ensign - got it?
I'll be dropping weird science like an insane prophet
Rich man with empty pockets - it's not so strange
When astronomers got lenses that are top of the range
So I'll stock up the rage to unleash like laser beams
And your first impressions are not as they seem
In the rear-view - clear view of what I left behind me
You choking on dust - left trying to define me

[Chorus x2]

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