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Chris Webby - They Already Know

Webby I'm back and I ain't goin nowhere,
Count on that,
Let's go
Still I'm off the chain,
Webby need a leash,
I'm consistently givin you shit that's cleaver n unique,
If you don't think that I'm reckin it every second that you sleep,
You basically played yourself like puff in "get him to the greek",
Now when I be spittin people actually listen,
Because webby be rippin with grammatical precision,
Adverbs and adjectives,
Kickin all these damn vowels,
Continents till my enemy sweat here's a hands towel,
Sham wow salesmen,
Beatin up you bitches,
Cookin up a classic with this heat from out the kitchen,
I'm originaly genius,
Brain out of proportion,
And got your girls legs spread wider then air Jordan,
I'm ballin,
Every single syllable I said is clear,
Ridin into Camelot,
To stick it to gwenovear,
King Arthur flow on top of your northern hemisphere murderin the verse,
So I guess that I gotta end it here

Nikes on the floor
Fitted hat low they already know it's about to go down,
Bout to go down, bout to go down, bout to go down, down, down, down
An when I get signed on that dotted line
They already know it's about to go down
They already know, they already know, they already know, they already know, they already know
It's about to go down

Verse two,
If your a mic then I'm a merk you,
Any problem I got I grin an bear an work thru,
So stop sleepin I'll give you a later curfew,
Your not feelin it then you musta took a perk dude,
Cause I got everybody turnin up they volume,
Cause it's about to go down like a log flume,
I live the life now rappin is my fricken job roll with more bitches then racin the iditarod
Get it cause girl dogs are called bitches
The iditorids a dog race now keep up with it
If you can't follow my lyrics motherfucker just dance
Cause my lines above your head like a red woods branch
Rhyming with the best flyer then the rest
Steve corelian an the men men I put a trident to your chest
I'm new school in the flesh n they already know they already know that webbys up next


I'm rollin with an OZ
Pocket always full of green Logan
With his dog tags on I'm fuckin wolverine
Slicing up my competition with the adementium
Aiming for a title that never had a champion
Stay poppin ambient put me to sleep
Cause with the adirol shit I'll be up for a week
Fuck it I'm done
The hottest dude under the sun
My ninja's outnumbered haters by 100-1
Shoutout to mac miller MGK wax and erbal T
Any white boy you can actually go hard it's ok with me
I rep Connecticut exactly where I say I be
An I got apathies blessin so imam stay ya see
Keep hatin on me
You'll see the tables turn
Cause I'm a motherfuckin animal lamins term
I'm a scychopathic off-spring satins of sperm
So walk in front of me an will see just the way you burn


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