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Chris Webby - Through the roof

We goin through the mother fuckin roof
You know what I mean?
Im through the roof
Im through the roof
So through the roof that I cant get no higher than I am (x4)
Im through the roof like St. Nicholas
But I dont got no Christmas gifts Im only here to spit this shit
Beam me up Scotty, My feet are liftin quick
Speed over infinite, leavin the solar system bitch
Im out in the mysterious beyond
With a fat booty blonde and a jaar of maariiijuaaana
Sauna, flow so hot, so hot my whole life is like a slow-mo shot
Passin mars craters, and waivin to Darth Vader
The sky is not the limit, bitch Im building starscrapers
Got the cigar paper, put the weed in it
Hittin warp drive, and passin the speed limits
Reppin 203 they know these digits
Tatted on my ribs so CT with it
Skinny as a motherfucker still I rep the Huskies
Im through the roof now bitch no ones above me
Ive been through the roof, Now Im through the Stratosphere
Millennium falcon, hyper drive and Im outta here
Got my light saber in hand
Been on the grind since before diddy decided he was making a band
Now Im here shakin hands with fans, and its about time
Defying gravity smokin bogies on cloud nine, high
Thats how Ive always gotta be
Fuckin human oddity, always burning it down properly
So bring the pot to me, and Webbys gonna roll it up
Piss tag shit, take a week for me to sober up
Aint no need for spellin it out
Im through the roof like a fuckin tree fell in your house, bitch
That I cant get no higher than I am (x4)
I cant get no higher than I am
Captain Fire up, always got a lighter in my hand
Carry so much tree that my pockets turn green
On some Tom Hanks shit, Apollo 13
Cleaner than the cut on school picture day
They tryna to step to C-Webb, cool pick a day
Ill be there to show you up, keep my jaw loaded up
Roll it up, blow a dutch
Spit it hella dope, putty always smell of smoke
They cant even see me with a telescope
Think your umbrella broke, I make it rain bitch
Ask El Roca hell tell you the same shit
Its that crazy motherfucker from YouTube
Tryna see how many cells in my brain I could lose dude
My minds out to sea, on a booze cruise
Im through the floor boards, Im through the roof too
That I cant get no higher than I am (x4)

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