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Cilvaringz - Blazing Saddles

feat. Blue Raspberry, Killarmy

[Intro: sample (Killa Sin)]
And by the end of this decade
Killer Bees, will have spread across most
If not, all, the continental United States
(Shit is on your neck, son, it's on your neck)

[Killa Sin:]
Here we go again, never knowing when to throw it in
Kind of nigga out, and then it's off to the show again
My comrades with me, fifties of that sticky-oh
Fire came by and tossed me higher than a frisbee and
Just when you thought it was safe to fuck with me
Put a twist in the game, on that ass and got grizzly, now
DJ's that run with your camp, don't wanna spin me
While they greatest niggas heavy rotating, that's til we dizzy

[Beretta 9:]
Yo, to the foolest, niggas think they can
But yet, can not do this, Flex turn it up
And said 'what the fuck, who this?'
To make the people dance and scream and jump to this
Me, B-E-R-E Double T A N-I-N-E
When I'm on the M.I.C., you want no parts of me
Cuz I came to rip the party up in you'll see
ShoGun, my nigga Killa Sin and Cilvaringz (Cilvaringz), yo

[Chorus: Beretta 9 w/ Blue Raspberry vocals]
My niggas we don't, but do, get violent
My niggas we won't, but will, get violent
36/Loud but yet, remain silent
Get us a round of Remy, we gon' down it

Yo, it's that Wu-Tang Clan Killa Bee gang bang shit
Click bang bang hit, move fantastic
Pull a hammer to the back of the pistol and blast it
This for one brother, man, rest in peace Dirty Bastard
I rock with the best, lock to the nest
Block off the rest, to pop off at the chest
The great cause and effect, bang out the LP
Wu-Tang Killa Bee stinging, you screaming "help me"

[ShoGun Assason:]
Heavy flow spitter, heavy dough getter
Microphone mutilator, Mr. Hater-Hater
Oh, how I slayer, Sho Assasinate that
Head decapitator, I got that flavor that you savor, neighbor
Like Pete Rock or Marley, coming straight out of Steuby
The cap peeler, kill a nigga
I put a hit out on a nigga, and bang to death
Like body armor, my nigga, my nigga, my nigga-nigga

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Blue Raspberry]
Welcome to the next chamber...

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