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Cilvaringz - Brothers Aint Brothers

[Intro: movie sample]
I will give him to you, you promised that no harm would come to him
If you are willing to be, to give him to us
Why do you care what happens to him?

[Chorus: Cilvaringz]
Brothers ain't brothers no more, you come around
And show your love, and muthafuckas try to take it to war, I said
Brothers ain't brothers no more, it's like the Christ
And the Judas, taking his money for the blood on the sword, come on

How come, that in the click, I have joined for the love ajointed
Years later, I'm sick of the disappointments
Brothers ain't brothers, it's only a few out of a hundred
Maybe some others, but really it's just a small summit
See many claim to be that, what they all not
It's all fake to me, rather I'd say it's all lies
Cuz when I came in, I was meeting these people I admired
And showed love to, until it backfired
More and more everyday, brothers what's going on and on
Like ravens dropping black feathers at my door
Times of war, son? Come on, fuck ya'll
Ya'll don't want me to rise, ya'll rather see me fall
And this supposed to be brotherhood, but ya'll wasn't feeling good
When I produced Gorilla Hood
When Ghost took nine of my beats, Bobby blessed me with six
And so you lied to the streets, just like a little bitch
Through the bull, I'm crying in the wilderness
RZA, my brother, you have warned me, I've been in this
He told me don't speak much, keep a small notice
And whatever you hear, Ringz, stay focused
They will hate you for what you got, they all hopeless
My jewel to you, is this rule, son, 'fuck emotions'
I love RZA, he gave me a start
He could of given a fuck, but chose to give me spark
He could of fucked with somebody, he heard about in the Bronx
But he believed in my work, and I believed in Allah
And so he gave me some shine, instead of keeping me dark
I be in 36 Chambers, and let me spit out my darts
That's why I'm rapping his name, in every name I take part
Some claim it's riding his dick, but I'm just showing my love
Cuz if it wasn't for him, I'd probably be in the bing
Playing the laws on my friends, I can't be thankful enough
To be colliding with RZA, touring together for months
Being able to take my peeps around the world in a bus
But sad and envy is killing all of my so called brothers
Who spit the dirt on my name, while I'm just showing my love
Claiming I'm wack, like ya'll flaming, protect, the differences
The fact, I'm loving, but ya'll be checking for checks
But you can say what you want, as long as riding with something
I can be up in the cut, doing my thing, like I must

[Chorus x2]

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