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Cilvaringz - Death To America (Live Original Version)

You may condemn 9-11 for the innocent deaths
But they celebrate the shit for the political slap
In the face of the president of 50 states, and
In the face of his government who lynched and raped
Who colonized for the money which they own to slaves
But instead pay Israel for guns to be made
And those guns will be used on my brothers and sisters
Who get shot down and killed when they show resistance
And they dare to call us terrorists who hate the Jews
Even some blacks who they jacked for their acres and mules
But see a snake always do what it takes to fool
Cause we were living as one, ya'll made it break in two
I mean, ask yourself who's occupying who
And many praise Sheikh Osama cause he's fighting you
And we're disliking you, we want you dying too
Cause you rob the same people you be lying to
Israeli soldiers bring the heat and you're supplying fuel
That's why we smiled when those planes came flying through
What goes around comes around Bush, I thought you knew
That's for slavery and robbery of our only economy
You see we know what you're doing we see your philosophy
You rob our rich continents and make it your colony!

[Chorus: Al Isra Group]

And now this, listen I'm not a fucking terrorist
Because I fight against an occupying Zionist
There's many good Jews, many good Hindu's and Christians
Allah said respect their prophets and religion
But when they wage war upon us we show resistance
With no distinction between soldiers and citizens
Cause that's the way they have slain Palestinians
And that's the way they have killed in Lebanon
And this under supervision of the United Kingdom
Now their civilians fall victim to these bombs
And attacks, that's for voting for that demon
Fuck terrorism we are fighting for our freedom
Disagreeing with Ashcroft,
Son I heard Muslims scream that Hitler should've finished ya'll off
And you wonder why we mad and attacking
While you be getting your 3 minutes of silence...
We never even got a fucking second
So why should I condemn September 11 while
Death to my people is being sponsored by the Americans
We are being oppressed and assassinated
By your 13 stripes and 50 stars of David
So here's a lifesaver, READ MY LIPS:
Stop supporting Israeli occupation and leave Arabia!

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