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Cilvaringz - Wu-Tang Martial Expert

feat. GZA, Raekwon, RZA

[Intro: GZA (Raekwon) {kung fu sample}]
From the slums of Shaolin, to the dungeons of the 36 Chambers
{Good, Wu-Tang Martial Expert}
(Straight up and down) we now bring you, Cilvaringz
{Good, Wu-Tang Martial Expert}
Wu-Tang Martial Expert (this is all gutter shit)
Now shadowbox with this real rapper (we in the building, nigga)
{They say he's a swordsman, to me, it seems he can't use a sword}

I wrote the album in sincerity, GZA, you feeling me?
Cuz if they bombing for peace, I'm like fuck her for virginity
See I'm that Killa Bee, I'm back up on it
I'll attack and sting everything that's corporate
Plus the fake, everything stay cornered til I'm done
And ride back straight to my office
In '99, I struck deals with RZA, build with RZA
A natural on top, that can't be shot
So poverty never became my topic
And followed politics and the became obnoxious
So now I'm Chuck, I'm Nas, I'm BP, I'm Slim
I'm Technique wrapped in one CD
Freely inspired by life itself
Trying to speak real issues, it might just help
From the Wu-Tang Clan, Martial Expert
Taking care of vein with the sword, where your neck's hurt
The knowledge verse with that I attack first
It's da-da-da-da-da-da, could it get that worse?

[Interlude: RZA (kung fu sample)]
Aiyo, the 36 Chambers of Death
How many ways can we devise to kill a man?
The sword thrust, palm strike
Poison tip knife, go across his head with a metal pipe
You are being injected with a high frequency
Piercing through your brain
(If you should lose it, you're finished)
It's hard to maintain, nigga!

You see them Arabs, they hooked on 50, they go to rehab
They come back yelling, Ji-Ji-Ji-Ji-Ji-Ji-Ji-Ji-Jihad!
They wanna lay back, and bounce in clubs
I said a life's so dark? Take these darts as lightbulbs
Switch it, reality's ugly
And ignorant mentalities bug me, it's rugby
Trying to get your points across, you get fucked up
Trying to get your joints in stores, you get fucked up
Trying to make some noise against war, you get locked up
Try to get your voice to be heard, you get shot up
And those who fear God, will not fear death
And so I went and got, RZA, GZA and Meth
Plus I went and got, Ghost, Killa and Chef
Have 'em speak on fire beats while I co-wrote the rest
So I don't care if you write, I swing it to the left
And I don't care if you dislike my writing exact
I'm that real, slay me now, prototype
That you dislike, recline and Dolomite
Get my shit right...

[Outro: kung fu sample]
Good, Wu-Tang Martial Expert
Good, Wu-Tang Martial Expert
Good, Wu-Tang Martial Expert
Good, Wu-Tang Martial Expert
His technique was perfect

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