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Diggy Simmons - Cosmic Kev Freestyle текст песни

Ah, swag on in, I dare going pimp
Rock them in just to let it drag on rough rider
Now yadis throw your flags up, yes higher
You a bird but that will mean you dress that don't mean you dress flier
By a lot of people hating on me now you see me on
You grouch Oscar, academy award, I can play now first
But I had to do my chores,
Met a cougar and she told me [?]
Even know I'm a minor, I could do a major,
Bring it to, any rapper, serve it to them like it's [?]
You can place your wager on be saved by the wall
You ain't [?] slater
Mirror mirror on the wall tell me who the greatest
And what you do to the beat is just haness a few years back, people used to play us
I can smell the vix now, somebody call the vapors

I know you all be waiting
Patient, the game's been needing some stimulating
Too much faking, artificial simulation
I'm all natural, y'all made from concentration
We are not a [?] they would say that I'm cute
Haters say I'm a fluke but never get to my roots
[?] hate for [?] all the heat I gave you, you should be grateful [?]

I'm the alpha omega in the alpha are yo mind alpha dis nero and so is this
I'll be laughing at you
[?] I am, everything you wannabes wanna be
Lot of people front on me, but never in front of me
I'm so cunning, I keep it so hundred [?]
I duck duck goose, cut this young buck loose
Like [?] looking like a goose bump
Voila, I magically appear,
Ya'll think that's how it happened [?]
So y'all shouldn't be getting scared, cause the end is almost near
[?] cause I'm here, yeah [?]

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