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Hell Razah - Kicks Of Raziel текст песни

[Female reciting in Hebrew]

[Hell Razah:]
And the stars fell from Heaven
Medatron, Medatron
Lucifer fell landed on Earth we call it Hell
Where the Romans still searching for stones and Holy Grails
Now I sit outta Miriam's Well
Spit Kabbalah spells, time will tell niggas who real
No matter how you say, I'll sit with a cell from dwell
Call me Razial; I'm back like Chameleon's tail
Raise the ships outta Roswell Mexico, praise the ghetteo
Bring it down to a slave on the days of Jericho
Now we're chased by the force of the Pale Horse of Pericho
Amerigo Vespucci son, get the Uzi
I move with the spirit of Bruce Lee
A true bee, written in the Hebrew sling on top of loose leaf
Wisdom can make a few Greek, Arabs and the Jews meet
Niggas say I'm too deep, while they saying I'm too street
There's no more pilgrims now, I watched the jewel thief
A scheme on the gems and treasures of Razah Rubiez

The Rabbi, The Renaissance Child
(Y'all ain't fucking with my nigga
Real lyrics, Maccabeez, Wings Up)

[Hell Razah:]
I kiss my mama how the Pope do the Black Madonna
Marijuana got my brain like I sat on the sauna
Only way I'm fucking with you if you add the comma
Son I'm trying to see Malcolm on the face of my dollar
I done build ex-cons and even ate with scholars
Chicks holla, I ain't even gotta pop no collar
Dick ridaz musta been thinking that my name is Impala
Till they end up in the hole of them niggas they follow
A wise man once said and it stuck in my head
Let the dead bury the dead, their future is read
So if I sign a contract, I'm a do it in red
With a Federal tax ID, I need sovereignty
Honestly, in fact I'll be that nominee
Too real for Grammy awards, gimme a 48 track board
And kick snares, some 808's and drums
Yeah, and I'm a kick down these industry doors

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