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Hell Razah - Kids In The Street текст песни

Illuminati wanna kill her
Single mothers looking for her
So this is written for the little...
Grown man is even scared off...
School is empty cause is plenty...

[Hell Razah:]
I know shorty you feel alone like Macaulay Culkin
That you won't make it to see forty before you see a coffin
But don't rush to sell your soul for that fame and fortune
If it ain't no bigger portrait then it ain't important
They try to tell you, you an orphan till you metamorphosis
He rolled up, lit a blunt then he started coughing
He said "Raz', what about the chicks and all the cautions? "
I look up the rich quarters and these Ricky Ross'
I grew up in broken homes, had to see divorces
I was born to Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross shit
Seen my pops flush his ki's in the toilet
And all he wanted for his family was a better fortune
He took a toke then he passed me the L
I'm like Howard in hell, it's Harvard and Yale
We dying in jail
College funds now turning to bail
That's the coffin and nail
We walk around without no knowledge and cells
There's gunfire in the schoolyard, 12 years old
Ain't got no plan that's designed when you design their clothes
Get the knowledge shorty, Wallaby free
You seem smarter then me, see I can see you as the next Spike Lee
He blew the ashes off his white T

[crowds gathering and gun fire scene]

[Hell Razah:]
Bullets ricochet and blew through him off a stray
A few hours from his birthday
Shit got in his way
As he lay there, holding the shop, begin to pray
Kept coughing up blood, couldn't hear what he say
All the high pitch screaming, more pressure, he kept bleeding
Check his heart beating pulse, make sure he's still breathing
(C'mon Lord) Please walk me through the rest of this evening
(Ayo pass me a phone) (Here!)
Somebody call 911, he said take my gun
If I die would you raise my son?
I said homie look me dead in my eye
I'm right here, by your bedside to make sure they keep you alive
I heard the echo's of his motherly cries
We had brotherly ties, so when they shot him I felt it inside me
With holes in his right lungs, you gon' survive, three

[More crowds echo]
[Hospital scene]

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