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Hell Razah - Rapid Refund Freestyle текст песни

A lot of niggas want Maybach's before they made their money back
From Pro Tools to adaps and forty eight tracks
If the Central Park jogger wants this track I'm a rape that
They scared like the holy ghost of Malcolm X came back
They labelled you the King, I think we need to change hats
Be careful who we aim at, no kids, we don't play that
You don't wanna take it there, bullets were your brains at
We're BK maniacs, Red Hook psychopaths
Might rob a cab in the white Michael Myers mask
So I could get you bodied just for five thousand dollars cash
Sponge Bob soft nigga, get a job, be a craft
You walk with a lobster tail, tryna be Pac for sales
And make songs for these chicks to yell
It's El Raziel AKA Razah Rubies
I spit jury while I clean my Uzi
I'm George Lucas of this rap music stupid, I could write me a movie
Before a deal son I been fucking industry groupies
Stop Italian mobsters niggas from calling me Mewie
I'm in the game, it's a rap, you can all it a doobie
I'm in the club, Grey Goosy son, feeling on booties
See I'm a Maccabee rebel, mean I'm very unruly
So when you speak to me show me respect 'cause I'm a vet
I've been I'll before Cam'Ron formed the Dipset
Now I'm back on the merry-go-round to flip checks
Live techs like I'm Eliot Ness, one of the next
Death threats to expect with a bomb on my chest, holler

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