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Hell Razah - Razah Rubiez Exclusive текст песни

[Hell Razah:]
What up ma? You looking righteous
You bringing life to the day, it's like you blessed with the body of Isis
Give me your hand they ain't tell you I'm psychic
Huh, read minds and can tell if you priceless
I'm on the grind 'til they cut on that light switch
And got chicks hopping up in the white six
Banana clips if you feeling you might trip, homey
So don't slip, get rich and be easy
I'm on the grind in here, please believe me
I'm the young Mac Julian back with all the hooligans
Where Ecuador broads were skinned, now look Peruvian
Working the club and she get all our toolies in
Devils wanna know when the clip on my Uzi end
Labels get stressed for some shit you can't do again
So each verse I crafted, I make sure it's classic
Way before the mixes and the album get mastered
The niggas that you laugh with know you spitting wack shit
How you gonna eat if you all hustle backwards
My flow be legalised drugs like it's aspirin
Do over counter numbers because their mom and poppas love us
The ice in my chain match the rays in the summers
It's BK, throwing AKs in your Hummers
These hoes like tires now, they burning out rubbers

[Chorus x2: Hell Razah]
I got diamonds in my watch, brand new glock
Tucked in my jeans with my gangster team
We cool, that's my mentality

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