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Hell Razah - Renaissance Ages текст песни

[Intro: Razah]
Renaissance Child
But I gotta make a public announcement
Kno'I'm'saying, this hip-hop shit need a change
Kno'I'm'saying, word up, it's the Renaissance Age
My pen is a lethal weapon right now
My mind is dead on

[Hell Razah:]
Yeah, understand my pain
We only use a few percent of our brain
The other half is paying rent and what the pen is to claim
Your tax free street money is the name of the game
But who to trust when the snake is the head of the game
Gotcha mind manipulated not thinking is strange
Let you spend your own money and you bring the change
It's the art of seduction, a form of self-destruction
That got my people where they cannot function
Fifteen dropping out for careers of hustling
I'm just speaking from the heart
I don't need you to punch in
No adlibs or hype-man, I'm not like them
Get a deal, a few interviews, than write like him
Got us feeling if you're dark you should be light-skinned
Get a perm and talk proper just to win you an Oscar
And have cats who be skateboarders thinking they're rastas
I get offended when I see what they did to Jimi Hendrix
We invented hip-hop with a sentence, now it's a gimmick
Big billion dollar business of talks of seven digits

[Hook: Razah]
You're are all welcome to the Renaissance Ages
You're are all welcome to the Renaissance Ages

[Hell Razah:]
Each bar is Unforgettable like Nat King Cole
In the Benz I lean low while blowing that green dro
In these sheep and wool clothes, my flow redeem slow
So I deal witcha niggas with a ten feet pole
Ga'head front like you ain't get it from me
Just remember I'm street
So when you spit it don't forget my receipt
I tax write-off whateva you bite off
All work no play; make a nigga take a permanent night off
Get my rest on the Sabbath Day
Then start fresh on a Saturday
With holy more ratchets to spray
Enough clips in the ashtray to roll you an L
Coke sales couldn't stop us so they opened up jails
Black males have role models but most of them failed
Instead they gave us crack-heads, dealers and FEDS
Some bled over the words that was written in lead
Now they eating outta of our hands like pigeons for bread

[Hook: Razah]
You're are all welcome to the Renaissance Ages

You're are all welcome; come one, come all

[Hell Razah:]
I'm international, bicoastal, global like T-Mobile
I'm a traveling man so I don't think local
Niggas saying it's hot before I lay vocals
No "Yes Men" in my circle, one of us will murk you
It's Martial Law in the hood; they got us all in curfew
Riker's Island got riots, send us some more turtles
I'm universal, no satellites, I move verbal
The living word was written for me to be eternal
I had episodes hoes wrote it in their own journals
Private diaries saying how they'll ride for me man
Been on some business shit way before Monopoly
It's Deuteronomy days, so watch prophecy

[Hook: Razah]
You're are all welcome to the Renaissance Ages
You're are all welcome to the Renaissance Ages

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