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Hell Razah - Renaissance Child текст песни

[Hell Razah:]
Rest in Piece on my projects walls for young drug lords
It's either rap now or basketball
Everybody got a jersey on, thinking they're murdering songs
Same hoe, just with Burberry on
You only learn when your hustle is wrong, you step your game up
Shooters miss when they aim up
Bush supplied and they blame us, do a coke bust
Hit the Towers, said Bin Laden blew it up
Locked up, half of my race are truly wiser
Rise up and master our faith
I'm a true black brother, ask Angie Stone
'Papa Was a Rollin' Stone'
Razah be the heir to the throne
Now I got check, biters ears to the phone
Meetings with business men in other time zones
Chrome registered guns, two educated sons
Goons ready to I'll when the revolution come

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