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Hell Razah - Still In My Heart текст песни

[Intro: Hell Razah]
Razah Rubies, yours truly
Get Large Production, there come a time
When a boy got to become a man
And a man gotta become a king
And a king become a God, uh

[Hell Razah:]
Any song that I sing you, is only for the real to relate to
My unemployed Section 8 crew, I know it's painful
Mommy gotta do what she do, because the rents due
My sisters gave birth to my first niece and nephews
Cash Rules the ghetto, goodbye for hellos
Project six levels, of black rebels
'88 crack settle, on blood vessel, shit
From dropouts, that was the only rescue
We got rich off the streets, son was buried beneath
Cause the block had stocks and bonds like Wallstreet
Kilos were sold to the highest bidder, now we got suppliers with us
Bringing more dough, so we can higher killers
The only superhero was the coke dealer
You know the diamonds in the watch and the sunroof top
Batcave was the crackspot, got raided alot
Cop stories had shorties, too afraid to be locked up

[Interlude: Hell Razah]
So now, there comes a time
When we gotta take this hip hop shit to another level, you know
I can't just be writing anything to these beats, man
Youknowhatimsaying, when I spit it, I spit it from the heart
Do the knowledge to this music right here, uh

[Hell Razah:]
My grandma 77, she told me Hell we heading
So she had conversations with Heaven
Granddaddy still love his caddy and how the young girls keep him happy
Even though he married, he nasty
But he fight to keep his family tight, make sure they morgage is paid
There's food, clothes, phones and lights
Up north he got a daughter that's alone at night
She fell in love with the modern day New York City life
41, working two jobs, for money to come
Got a daughter, 16, and a son, 21
Try to school 'em how the streets love to swallow the young
Tried to keep him out of beef, but he follow the gun
He got two felonies, and a baby that's one
Ain't nobody gun shots, ain't making him run
On the low, his man hitting his sister, meanwhile
She got a cat that's on Riker's Island, sending him pictures
Tattoes on her back, and she hang with strippers
Get paid, young age, on the stage with liquor
Got a crush for them Escalades, and lay with killas
That's why grandma hoping that the lord forgive us, come on

[Outro: Hell Razah]
There you have it
The mark of the Red October
Ya'll gonna feel me man, west coast, east coast
Mid west, we all one, overseas
GGO certified, taking it back
When you playing it like a 45 record
On like an old old stereo, youknowwhatimsaying
And you just chilling, you just building with your pops or something

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