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Hell Razah - Stir Of Echoes текст песни

[Hell Razah:]
T.H.U.G. Angelz, drink up brother
Heaven Razah
After you drink this you won't be thirsty again
Sometimes they ask me
Yo how the hell do you come up with the shit you come up with when you writing songs?
And I tell 'em

[Chorus: x2]
My mind is not here
My soul done travels in air
Is that more voices I hear?
Their souls they crying I'm clear

[Hell Razah:]
Thug Angelical aura, use the metaphor to light the menorah
Louis V. on his yarmulke, I open the Torah
Me and Seraphim was sent in to slaughter Gomorrah
Pop two out the four corner in ya fedora
It's Amun Ra at the Mardi Gras
But gave my body to Yah Shabbat Shalom
To the brothers zabat
And all my homies on lock 23/in the box
With an ox hitting the under the crotch
Or got one in the qaad
Since daycare was running they blocks
What the blood-clot, robocop with one arm
Log on to my www dot doctor dot com
Hear the songs of the future in digital form
Where cyber adultery or virtual porn
Another dead man walking, a criminal's born
Newly wed's on their honeymoon, the childrens is mourn
You've been warned on YouTube and given the jewels
Come and build with a carpen or that fixen of screws
Holly Burton is emerging more prison with schools
The FDA got a serpent that be serving us food
We've been fooled by Obama, just look at ya grandmama
Same snake in the garden became an anaconda
Been reborn like Malcolm when he took his shahada
They bow down and they honor to my lyrical ka'ba
I tell 'em "Thou shalt not worship anything but the Father"
But worship our lyrics
Yo Razah? Yo Razah man?
I tell 'em "Thou shalt not worship anything but the Father"

[Chorus x2]

[Atari Blitzkrieg:]
The most exquisite of visions
Listen to the wisdom whispered to children
Buildings written by the architect embarking on missions
Ticking time rely on lines that lie on pyres conceived
I see the fauna on horizons hiding angels who bleed
Leave... me behind when our alignment will shift
T trip to welcome in Aquarius by burying gifts
I rip the pages out the binding tied together with flaws
That cause the trauma from assumption when the Spaniards applause
Pause... take a second to recover to your life
I won't deny that suicide has crept inside me at night
The light inside me burning turning earnings ashen
I'm searching first in doctrines hurting pockets my deposits returning
Worth emerging through the persons perching high on the ledge
To pledge through Vishnu true arrivals, might those belly's be fed
The dead are waiting, the voices calling, networks are crippled
Ripples through the planet damning man to trivial issues

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