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Hell Razah - Verbal Divorce текст песни

[Intro: Razah]
Yeah, take 'em back Raz' (Maccabeeeeez!)
You know what I'm saying?
This for my niggas that's just coming home
Been locked down since like '91 and shit
You know what I'm saying?
(Hood shit for niggas that's left up in the projects
Hell Razah, Priest and Timbo, we're the Prophets)
Bugging the fuck out, but this what it is

[Hell Razah:]
They wanna lock rap stars inside the Solar System
I hear the souls of victims
Inside my SONY headphones when I'm recording wisdom
It's like the distorted vision or just my intuition
Saying I'm Digital Dope musical or drug addiction
I'm sorta futuristic for all the youth convicted
That gotta walk like Christ before the Crucifixion
You gotta get permission before you use the Smithing
I might stick the dog that they use for bomb sniffing
I be the mortician that bury bodies different
How is Hip-Hop dead if you gon' choose to listen?
He be a veteran shown like Con Edison
Too much power I blackout, I'm better than
Y'all follow blueprints throwing your two cent
My movement is new sense, blowing that blue spiff
My music remind you of a '86 dude's flick
I'm SHAFT with a toothpick and something that's ruthless
And roofless and new kicks, only exclusives
While two bars are two bricks, I'm back in the booth bitch!
The truth is Razah got the hottest and new shit
Recoup-less, niggas wanna get on some group shit
You're married to the game better find you a new chick
That contract you just signed I'm wiping my shoes with

Yeah, 'Renaissance Child'
Y'all niggas and ya fucking bullshit ass deals
Ayo welcome to the Renaissance

[Hook: Razah]
Hood shit for niggas that's left up in the projects
Hell Razah, Priest and Timbo, we're the Prophets

Niggas, y'all niggas know what it is, yeah
You know what I'm saying? Black Market
'Renaissance Child', coming soon
Priest's Offering, coming soon
Timboktu, street university baby
Maccabeez, Black Market part 2
J. Ronin these niggas know they ain't rolling with us son
So we rolling over these niggas son
Uh-huh, what? Hood shit, project shit
Y'all niggas need to put the mic down

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