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Hello, Click - Fist To The Floor текст песни

Put your hands up from the front to the back
Party and bullshit you know how we act
Girls on the prowl ready to attack
I'm on stage dress in all black

You know it's cold hard facts
Bass hits hard while the crowd reacts
Ain't no point in telling us to relax
I came to dance pass me a glass

Pass me a glass... Parties in the back of the VIP
Moving fast... Tell your home girl she can't get with me
I try to keep it true steady rock with my crew
There's one thing you gotta know

Put your fist to the floor
We ain't taking no more
Put your keys in and roll
We about to lose control

Whole click hooked up like cable
If she asks I'm signed to label
No technology ayo
I'm a prodigy if you say so

Girl you know who I am
Don't ask me again
No DWW I can't be "Your Man"
See me at the bar with a drink in my hand

I hope this moment stays alive so this party never dies

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