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Hello, Click - Miss You текст песни

As time past away I miss the moments we share
Laughing on the coach with my fingers through your hair
I know sometimes you feel I'm not here
But you stole my heart girl I swear
When we together there's nothing you should fear
Yeah I wanna make that clear
Now you gone and the house seems bare
I got a hole in my heart so I fill it with these beers
Trying not to blink while I fight back tears
I'm sorry I can't be the man that you endeared
I'm here your gone we shared a bond but now I'm all alone

Believe me I miss you
I hope that your okay
I need this my own way

I never really knew what I had
So found myself living in the past
Somethings wrong I know I never asked
Now it seemed like my whole world crashed

Sorry that I couldn't love you appreciate hug you
I put everything above you now I have everything but you
I know that I never did right get mad just to start fights
So I can disappear all night I know that life isn't all hype
So listening when you play this on your stereo or playlist
It hurts for me to say this so just listen when I say

I might miss your smile
But it's only gonna hurt for awhile
You left me in the dark
But you learn how to play your part

Might act a bit shameless
You wouldn't leave if I was famous
In the moment I swear you had my heart
Now you really don't

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