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Herbert Grönemeyer - What's all this

his pyjamas lie there in my bed
his comb stuck in my brush
i said what's all this?
his shoes stand in a tidy row
that's nice to see when you get home
what's all this?
his after-shave hangs in the air
he might have chosen mine to wear
what's all this?
you say he's moved in with you here
you point me to the door, that's clear
what's all this?
his favourite dish upon the stove
i'd shove my fist right down his throat but mustn't
no, i mustn't
of embarassment he shows no trace
his friendly smile lights up the place
he's grinning, just grinning!
how come i deserve to be
the fool that he makes out of me
at least you could have given me a clue
you could have had a one-night fling
in time i'd forget evyerthing
but i've got no chance
i'm left no time to understand
if you could see you've hurried love
his head slumped on his double chin
since when d'you go for a slob like him
what's all this?
what's that you say?
how come you throw your heart to waste
on such a sponge, a blubber-face?
what's that?
what's it all about?
i left you often on your own
for him you kick me out of house and home
what's all this?
What's all it about?
how come...
you try to seem such perfect lovers
oh how you two deserve each other
so innocent, but laughing too loud
you must have really suffered guilt so
as you were tossing in your pillows
since when have you had a heart made of stone?
you drank my love up in one go
how come...

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