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Herbert Grönemeyer - Young blood

i kiss you hard, as hard as i can
the camera above is zooming in
get as excited as you like
but don't you smudge my make-up

you're lying here in my embrace
you're completely naked, i'm stripped to the waist...
don't you overdo it with the kiss
i sing the chorus after this

camera is focused on your leg
your body heat will make the tv sweat
with my hand a limpet on your ass
this video will be high class

now this scene is in the can
you're standing in the corner in your leather pants
and in slow motion all the buttons pop
in close-up it's a super shot
stilletto heels and bright red lips
you're going to make my song a hit

oh, young blood, you're going to do my record good
your pouting mouth, your cleavage full
this is rock'n'roll
the tears are streaming down your face
'cos i'm gone though you begged me to stay
that's the way it goes in every classic video

now the scene moves to the lift
the poison blonde, you're my birthday gift
and your thighs are wrapped all around my hips
the bump and grinding's such a trip

my guitar is in my hand
i'm pressing up against you, you can barely stand
i've got to play a solo now and then
don't look straight into the lens

your eyes are locked upon my face
you've never seen anything so great
and the lift heaves up and down the shaft
to prove how long my love will last
you're stripping off your clothes, my god
you love it when i sing so hard

oh, young blood...

now you're climbing back into your bra
so stunned to see the way that i can play guitar

oh, young blood...

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