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Hi-C - Hey Hey

feat. Big Steele

Hey hey, yeap
We make 'em say hey hey
Hey hey
Hey hey, yeah

See you light-skinnded women be tryin to act pretty
Bitch hit me off with some ol' high saditty
All I'm checkin fo' is your ass and your titties
Cause you high-yellow women be actin, way shitty
Chocolate momma come here, and give me kissy
MUAH, got me all in the house, hidin hickies
And when you go downtown to licky licky
You put pressure on my pipe and make me bust quickly
Astroglade and the Magnum +
Baby don't move, aww shit, I'ma bust
Ahhhhh.. we gon' finish
Just gimme 20 minutes and I'm back up in it
I hit you with the dick that's gon' drive ya crazy
The return of H-I, Crawf Diggler baby
And I'm, one of the baddest you ever seen
Dirk Dig's on the scene, makin chickens scream!

(Hey hey) That's what you need to be hollerin out
If you fly let me hear you shout
(Hey hey) You ugly dudes need to back it up
Before us girls start actin up
(Hey hey) Let you know that we ain't playin
We commandin you to shake ya thang
(Hey hey) If you know that you're sex-ay
Let me hear you say hey hey hey

[Big Steele]
I'm full of liquor, talkin loud, smackin women on the ass
Breathin down they neck every time one pass
They with they boyfriend, he bet' not say shit
Cause I'll act a fool in this sunnavabitch
I got my whole clique with me, I wish they would run up
Security can't help, we got they ass outnumbered
I'm fin' to take the bar just for me and my boys
If they try to resist then we bringin the noise
They're pickin up the phone, hittin 9-11
I'm snatchin everything from moo cow to Seagram's 7
So you better hang up cause if you call the cops
I swear before God we stompin yo' ass out
Drunk and unruly, grabbin women by the arm
Makin 'em dance and shakin and highly alarmed
I got my hands in the air and I'm spinnin around
Yellin hey hey motherfucker that's my song


Iggy Imp the Dimp, my nigga Freeze a pimp
But the bitches fight, for this creamy white
Cause I'm, one of a kind that'll shock ya mind
I put, big dick it's in your behind
I say ONE for the trouble TWO for the show
C'mon, Big Steele, what you waitin fo'?
Cause after this here, we bouts to take over
And be fatter than Lil' Kim pussy, on that poster
(Ooh) Pay attention, boys and girls
You funkin with some players that's gon' take over the world
No love, nigga that shit hurt
You know your boy got game like Converse
Now if you do like I tell ya, maybe you can sell ya
nookie to a rookie no it ain't gon' fail ya
IT AIN'T EASY if you know what I'm sayin
But if you're pimpin and you know it clap your hands [clap clap]

[Chorus x2]

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