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Hi-C - Let Me Know

feat. DJ Quik

Yeah, ahh
Yeah, Hi-Life
Uhh, naw
Here we go, yeah

Now this is for the ladies and all my dawgs
C'mon, get your ass up off the wall
All you had to do is give Crawf a call
And watch me come through and get it crackin y'all
I'm still breakin bricks with the homey Quik
We try to get it down just as far as it gets
Cause all I have to do is hop back and spit
And watch all the lil' mommas start havin fits
When I slide through the city in my Escalade
I ain't worryin 'bout shit, cause we extra paid
Tryin to stay sharp as a razor blade
And you thinkin 'bout now that we got it made
And I'ma take you right down, that ain't the case
Ain't nuttin like mo' chips in my safe
Stop skinnin and grinnin all in my face
'fore I cock back and show you how my pistol taste

[Chorus: voice box]
If you're pimpin let me know, yeah
But if you're simpin let me go, ho
Cause if you're flossin this don't show, yeah
And I ain't got no time for hoes
Don't wanna see you no mo'

You can be black as smoke from a motorboat
Or white as a egg minus all the yolk
On 20 inch spokes or flat out broke
We can do the thang loc cause y'all my folks
I'm out in the street tryin to beat the heat
Break and shake shackles up off my feet
Po' out a little drank for the ones to see
Man I miss you Mausberg, homey rest in peace
I'm just down here goin through the day to day
Chasin pay, smash if you in my way
With 3 dimes and I'm lookin for a place to lay
Black Tone, where you at homey? (ANDELE!)
When we get a lil' drink we don't fight or fuss
But we do barbecue, slap bones and cuss
So let's get it get it hit it hit it ballin wild
If you wanna get freak just "call mi now!"


[DJ Quik]
I'm role model (role model?) I roll models in and out of my room
at night lookin guilty with they hole hollow (oh!)
Now hit the light switch, and turn 'em back on
And take off them clothes so I can see if youse the type (ooh man)
Be a sad day in L.A. if I ain't ballin (yup)
Be no dubs spinnin, dudes drankin, broads callin (nope)
Cause I've been runnin up tabs since I was 19
And tryin to spend the rest of my life with the right team (who that?)
Me and Crawf Dog (Crawf) we been off y'all (off)
Off of 2 dime pieces and playin softball
They swallow golf balls (golf) they swallowed Crawf Dog (Crawf)
They swallowed me and that's why I see we been off y'all (off)
At the sports bar, drinkin Chopan and Mucal and Adios Mother
Give me another, cause I'm loaded
I dropped the bomb and her lil' drawers exploded
If you think we ain't mackin miss, you moldy

[Chorus x2]

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