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Hi-C - Pop It

feat. Big Steele

(Give it to me!)
Uhh, woo! Yup
Heh heh, yeah
Make it hump, yeah
What? Yeah
{?} I just wanna be smooth on this one
Yeah, yeah

When I pull up to the club, nigga I don't stop
It be three or fo' times I done hit the block
I jump up out my right, peepin nothin but cock
The jealous-ass niggaz starin at my watch
Hmm, you can have it if you think you can get it
Infrared on yo' head, you think I won't hit it?
But I didn't come to trip, I came to sip
Pump some ass, and grip some hips
Man it's hot'dan a bitch, where the fuck is Quik?
I'm 'bout to, buy out the bar, homey hand me some chips
My nigga start to laugh, but he kicked in half
We had everything from New Cal to Genuine Draft
I'm knockin down all that's in my path
But money is the one thing you can not have (nope)
She asked me can she get it, so I started to laugh
Oh no! I ain't never ever paid for no ass!

(Give it to me!) uh-uh (Give it to me!) uh-uh
(Give it to me!) oh no (Give it to me!) alright
(Give it to me!) I am (Give it to me!) c'mon
(Give it to me!) c'mon (Give it to me!)

[Chorus x2: (Hi-C)]
Pop it, pimp it (ohh you look good when you)
Hold it, twist it (girl you're so hood when you)
Shake it, lick it (oh I go nuts when you)
Grab it, kiss it (ah I'm gon' bust when you)

Well I'm five-seven, dick size 11
I hit it from behind I'll tear up your spine
A good girl these days so hard to find
They keep me runnin on down the line
I got Kim, Keisha, Tasha, Tameka
Karen, Sharon, Heather, Alisha
And I'm, the teacher, class in session
Come get down with me and learn yo' lesson
Pop pop, make it hot don't stop
From the couch to the cot you can get on top
Shake what you got for a pork chop cutie
Oooh SHIT you fine wit'cha big fat booty
Now you ain't a chicken, I'ma call you Popeyes
Cause yo' ass so big, all you do is pop eyes
Crawf Dog and I'm back with this 'Hi-Life' shit
I'm tryin to make you a 'Hi-Life' chick, c'mon

[Break + Chorus]

[Big Steele]
I done had 'em all, foreign exotic to down-lows
Hoes so ugly you'd fuck 'em wit'cho eyes closed
Chinese, Lebanese, broads of all races
Even Islamic women with the veils on they faces
Mexican women who couldn't speak a lick of english
See my dick and scream the Pledge of Allegiance
I had a fat chick I had to feed before I hit
But she'd only eat salad to save room for my dick

[Break + Chorus]

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